Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get paid?

Payments are made directly into a bank or building society account with Income Tax and National Insurance deducted at source. You’ll be paid on a fortnightly basis for all hours worked in the preceding 2 weeks plus holiday pay. i.e. All hours worked from Monday to Sunday in week 1 PLUS all hours worked from Monday to Sunday in week 2 will be paid on the Friday of week 3.

Please ask when the next pay date is. We do not pay by cheque or in cash except in extremely exceptional circumstances.

Please note: You must provide Ipsos MORI with your bank details prior to your first working shift.

What are the rates of pay?

Ipsos MORI offer competitive rates of pay with regular pay reviews offering you the opportunity to progress up our pay rate scale in a short period of time. We have differing rates of pay that are based on a few key factors, such as (but not limited to) the quality of work you do and how productive you are. Your pay is reviewed every 3 months and you’ll be notified if there are any changes.

How long do the interviews take?

Each survey interview is different but a typical one will take between 10 and 15 minutes

How many surveys a week are we expected to do?

This is dependent on several factors such as the length and content of the survey and who you need to interview to meet the quota or project specification. For each project we set an hourly target of interviews to achieve based on all these factors. On some projects you may interview 5 people per hour, on others one.

How many hours a week can we work?

This is dependent on your availability and the number of shifts we can offer to our panel. Once our interviewers build up their skill level on certain projects, they will be offered other types of work which means that you can increase your hours if you have the availability.

We expect a minimum of 12 working hours a week which must include some evening hours (past 5pm) and either a Saturday or a Sunday each week.

What surveys do you do at the moment?

We have a regular Catibus survey that runs most weeks, this is comprised of questions from different clients and is usually the first project a trainee interviewer works on. We also have a number of high-profile Media tracker projects throughout the year. Alongside these, we work on several complex Public Affairs projects and smaller ad hoc projects. We have a variety of work to suit different skills and interests of our panel of interviewers.

What is the Assessment and Training Session that I need to attend?

We ask you to complete this session before you are offered any work. This session allows you to understand the role and the company and identify whether it is something that you wish to do. It also allows us to assess whether we think the role is suitable for you. The Assessment and Training Sessions are run either virtually or in our Edinburgh centre.

Do you pay applicants for attending the assessment and training course?

Once you have completed your probation period, we make a payment of £42 for the Assessment Session you attended.

How often will I get paid?

You will be paid every fortnight directly in to your bank account. You will need to complete a timesheet for each shift and project you work on.

What are the hours?

We offer a variety of different shifts that suit many different lifestyles and can also accommodate additional flexibility within our existing shifts.

Our traditional shift patterns are:

  Start time End time
Morning Shift 9am 1pm
Afternoon shift 1.30pm 5pm
Full shift 9am 5pm
Evening shift 5pm 9pm

Saturday and Sunday

  Start time End time
Morning Shift 10am 2.30pm
Afternoon shift 2.30pm 7pm
Full shift 10am 7pm

What is the holiday entitlement?

Under the terms of the Working Time Directive, you will be entitled to receive and required to take 4 weeks annual holiday. Your holiday pay is added to your pay and will be included when you are paid.