What is a casual worker?

All our interviewers are classed as casual workers. This means you can turn down work and that you are free to work for other companies. Casual work is suitable for those who like a bit of flexibility with their life as you can work when it suits you. Although there is no guarantee of work, we will offer you shifts at least a week in advance, you can then choose which of the shifts you are offered you would like to work. If you would like to work more, you can contact us to let us know your availability.

We offer a variety of different shifts that suit many different lifestyles and can also accommodate additional flexibility within our existing shifts.

Our traditional shift patterns are:

Monday to Friday:

  Start time End time
Morning Shift 9am 1pm
Afternoon shift 1.30pm 5pm
Full shift 9am 5pm
Evening shift 5pm 9pm

Saturday and Sunday

  Start time End time
Morning Shift 10am 2.30pm
Afternoon shift 2.30pm 7pm
Full shift 10am 7pm